Blue Project Software SysTracer 2.8

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Download Blue Project Software SysTracer is a Web-based Document Management System. Download Blue Project Software SysTracer gives the user the advantage of a powerful tool essential for designing, storing, and controlling the documents in the electronic format.helps to organize and manage the material in a more efficient way.Even user can define their categories of documents. After that can assign them additional information for classification purposes (simplifying their further retrieval).  In addition to category-based search, a user can even take advantage of the document full-text search capabilities and full-text indexing.BlueDoc protects papers and folders from being accessed or modified by potential stalkers. The document management system usage is only accessible on a user and password based access.

BlueDoc has an extended search page which helps in Searching of records. Download Blue Project Software SysTracer allows users to easily request queries built on multiple criteria, which may include an even full-text search for popular file formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF).BlueDoc program is a web server system designed particularly for concurrent usage by many users. It gives the possibility to create user groups .moreover helps in assigning detailed specification of access rights to folders and documents. Download Blue Project Software SysTracer defines workflows to improve the circulation of the material for working. The graphical workflow editor tool lets user detailing the characteristics of the workflow by establishing the component tasks and assigning them to users

During working the document undergoes various modifications. It, therefore, can generate new versions of the same document and keeps them stored for review or later possible usage.  Text format doesn’t matter, using BlueDoc user can backup their entire document database. Users can even restore it in the case of any accidental paper loss.

Download Blue Project Software SysTracer Features

  • It manages documents and makes easy access to documents for users
  • Saves time and money of the users
  • Have the ability to organize the paper folders in a hierarchical structure
  • Have the capacity to define records category
  • Helps in making text searching for usage rapidly
  • Efficient in managing access rights for the users
  • Describes workflows to improve the circulation of the documents.
  • Have an inbuilt graphical workflow editor tool.
  • Helps user to view document versions history
  • Kee records security being accessed or modified by potential intruders.
  • Easy access several persons can access simultaneously the same document.

How to Crack Blue Project SysTracer?

  • Download Blue Project Software SysTracer 2.8 from the given Button.
  • Install the Downloaded Blue Project Software SysTracer 2.8 in your system.
  • Don’t Run the software before cracking.
  • Copy – paste the cracked file into the installed directory.
  • Enjoy Blue Project Software SysTracer 2.8 crack.

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